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Unilever +1.50
Amazon -1.81
Nestlé +0.05
Shell -2.17
Procter & Gamble -0.02
Mastercard +2.26

How does it work?

We're holding companies to account for their impact on the world.



Our community writes about a company’s actions. Our team rigorously review all articles before publication.


The community weigh-in and assess how positive or negative the impact described is, by rating it.


This produces a company impact score from -5 to +5 depending on how positive or negative their impact is.
Check them to decide where to shop, invest or work.


Investors and decision-makers use the impact scores to put pressure on companies to change their businesses.

We share our revenues. If you want to write for us, get certified and your written contributions will earn you money to keep or to donate to charity. Read more about rewards here.

Let’s take action together

Join our community by reading, rating and writing about impact. Combined with powerful A.I. the result is live impact scores for companies all over the world.

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Over 375 Certified Impact Analysts
More than 165,000 Impact Ratings
Focusing on the world's top 1,500 Companies
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Change for Good

Knowing how companies affect our lives enables us to make better choices. You can use it to ensure you buy from, invest in or work for, companies with the most positive contribution to the world.

Free Access

Our platform is free, everyone has the right to know the impact companies are having on the environment and society, and to be part of a movement toward an impact economy that focuses on purpose alongside profit.

Earn Rewards

By contributing here you make an impact. We share our revenues with members who are certified so you can either earn money or have your share donated to charities aligned with the SDGs.

Fuel the progress toward a sustainable future by getting involved.

Contributing here reveals the positive and negative impact of a business and it can also earn you money to donate or keep.

Our Aligned Methodologies

Impact measurement aligned with industry governing bodies
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
Impact Management Project
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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