Certified Impact Analyst Webinar

Earn money for writing about how sustainable businesses are.

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Professional Impact Analyst Training & Certification

About The Webinar Training

Gain your Certification as an Impact Analyst with this webinar designed by industry experts Bertrand Gacon and Sylvain Massot.

Learn to assess the sustainability efforts of large companies by becoming a Certified Impact Analyst and start earning for each article you have published on our platform.

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Webinar & Course Information

  • Gain tangible skills & a certification that can be utilised to succeed in this in-demand field.
  • Learn how to understand and correctly assess businesses' impact on the planet & society.
  • Gain critical knowledge on how businesses impact the planet & society. Packed with methodologies, facts and tools to take away.
  • Access the webinar replay if you are unable to attend the full duration, registrants also get a copy of the slides shared during the webinar.
  • Once candidates have successfully completed their course they can earn €30 for every published 'mini' article (each piece is approximately 290-500 words).

    ASSIGNMENTS: Participants will be required to successfully write 3 short impact articles to receive their certification.

    REQUIREMENTS: Fluent in English. Passionate about sustainability.

Curious to know more?

At Impaakt we offer free educational training tools to promote awareness about sustainability and to build a community that is collaboratively holding companies to account for their impact on the world. Meet others who have taken our training courses on LinkedIn and see their certificates displayed there.

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