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Industry Pharmaceuticals
Country United Kingdom
Year Added 2018
Impact Ratings 416
Impact Notes 14
SDG Covered 7 out of 17

GSK is a global healthcare company, researching and developing products for its three main arms of business - pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer health care. It is a British multinational company with a head office based in London.

Its top-selling products are Advair, Avodart, Flovent, Augmentin, Lovaza and Lamictal. Well recognised consumer products include Sensodyne and Aquafresh toothpaste, Horlicks, Nicorette and Night Nurse. Its pharma business develops and sells drugs for the treatment of acute illnesses and diseases, and the vaccination arm develops vaccinations. GSK currently delivers over 2 million vaccine doses per day in 160 countries. The World Health Organization 'Model List of Essential Medicines', feature many of GSK legacy products such as amoxicillin, mercaptopurine, and pyrimethamine.

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Impact notes

Gender Equality

GSK successfully fights against the gender pay gap

Profile Henrietta
Icon time Mon Mar 30th, 2020 at 10:24am

UK legislation came into effect in April 2017 requiring companies to share data showing the difference in average pay between its male and female employees. GSK is a member of the 30% Club gender campaign that aims to achieve 30% female representation in senior management within FTSE 100 companies by 2020. [10].

Good Health and Well-being

GlaxoSmithKline's U.S. price increases continuously outpace inflation

Profile Casper
Icon time Thu Mar 26th, 2020 at 8:23am

Drugs can keep millions healthy and save as many lives. Their consumption can prevent economic misery to families and humanity at large. Pharmaceutical companies can contribute to better health and well being by making drugs more accessible, not only in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) but also in regions where poverty is overlooked as in the United States1 where prescription drug prices continually rank among the most expensive in the world2, p.1.

Gender Equality

Setting the tone for gender balance in leadership

Profile carmencarmona
Icon time Thu Feb 6th, 2020 at 9:05am

There is no doubt that women's economic participation and leadership in business is essential to drive business performance, as well as to advance corporate sustainability and increase global GDP.  Still, Britain’s biggest public companies have a long way to go when it comes to achieving gender equality in leadership.  Around two-thirds of all available roles still going to men and only six women held the top CEO position across the 100 biggest companies [1]

Responsible Consumption and Production

GlaxoSmithKline’s effort in waste management

Profile Molly
Icon time Thu Oct 17th, 2019 at 12:54pm

Pharmaceutical consumption continues to grow constantly. As a result, the environment becomes more and more contaminated with pharmaceutical waste substances and their products. The pharmaceutical waste management becomes one of the most complex sustainability issues faced in the day-to-day world.

Good Health and Well-being

Exploitative pricing for vaccines in developing countries undermines efforts in global health

Profile ydaneva
Icon time Tue Oct 1st, 2019 at 3:40pm

As part of its commitment to fight global health issues, particularly in developing countries, GSK states it aims to research and provide low prices for vaccines, find new ways to fight antibiotic resistance and is one of the few companies researching treatments and vaccines for infectious diseases such as TB, malaria and HIV. [1] In an article from 2016, it has reiterated its commitment to provide low prices for vaccines for refugees and contribute to global health security[2].