Corporate Impact Management

Integrative, stakeholder-led impact management

Corporate Management

Engage the people who matter the most in ongoing monitoring of your key positive & negative impacts on the planet & society.

We capture impact, beyond ESG, by measuring what matters.
Take a step toward a more sustainable business by engaging in a year-round impact measurement and monitoring service.

ESG requests fail to document the real impact of your business, and often overlook key positive impacts. Our approach provides you with the tools to capture impact effectively and in the process, you’ll be engaging your stakeholder eco-system to assess and monitor your impact & progress, something we believe to be key, for true, long-term sustainability success.

Our Approach

Measure What Matters

We measure positive & negative impact covering topics that are often missed by traditional assessments.

By People who Matter

We allow you to engage your community to assess your impact. Show employees, customers, suppliers & clients you value their input.

Against Companies that Matter to You

Benchmark your results with industry peers, with comparable outputs.

An integrated Impact Management Platform

Corporate process

Our collaborative approach responds to a real need for corporates to better involve their various communities (employees, suppliers, investors, etc.) both in the initial impact assessment and in the ongoing implementation of their sustainability programs.

By nature, sustainability is a collective activity that requires the involvement of all stakeholders.

The Impaakt platform handles the onboarding, training and management of these communities, enabling corporates to build trust and loyalty and set their ecosystem in motion for a more effective and inclusive sustainable transformation.

Assess, engage, benchmark, monitor.

This is integrative, stakeholder-led impact management.
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