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Generate charitable donations just by writing & rating impact on our platform.

Donate to charity, without even opening your wallet.

When you take action here you earn points, we turn these points into donations to charities aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our approach to donations also means your work generates a positive impact elsewhere. Right now each point that you earn by contributing to our platform is equal to CHF 0.05 and each month the funds accumulated across all members are donated to a notable cause.

We do this to encourage our members to build the content of the platform to be the most robust knowledge base of sustainability and impact information. By doing this your contribution not only means we hold companies accountable for their impact through the Impact Scores generated - but you generate additional impact through donations from your actions.

Joining Us = 10 points

We give you 10 points for joining the community – we know you have great intentions so let's get started here.

Ratings = 20 points

You’ll get 20 points for rating an impact note.

Writing = 200 points

You’ll get 200 points for each published note.


The points you accumulate also go toward your status on the platform.

Here's how it works.

0 -200 points Newbie

You’re just starting out, finding your feet and learning the ropes – we’re lucky to have you on this crazy ride for a better planet.

201- 1000 Aficionado

So you’ve found your stride, your time with us has not gone unnoticed, now let's see where you can go with things.

1001 – 10,000 Maestro

Bravo! Your contributions are valued and notable; you’re leading the way - where will you go next?

10,001 – 20,000 Virtuoso

With expert skill, you’re setting us in the direction to achieve our ambitious goals – keep up the good work.

20,0001+ Genius

You came, you saw, you conquered. Your contributions send us on the path to re-inventing the way the world does business.

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WWF Australia 1528 CHF
WWF Switzerland 850 CHF
WWF Switzerland 1339 CHF
WWF Switzerland 1747 CHF

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