Step 9: Choose your cover photo

Key Takeaways

1. The picture chosen will come from Unsplash.

2. Adjust the image to best represent the topic assessed.

3. Make sure that the image is of good quality, with no pixels, or unclear areas.

Our tips for a great cover photo

To add something extra to your analysis, you can choose to attach an image, that is, if the image makes sense, of course. The image must reflect the topic.

If you chose to do this, please be wary of the following:

1. The picture chosen needs to come from an open-source website. We have selected Unsplash.

2. We recommend that you choose an image that is landscape.

3. Make sure that the image is of good quality, and not pixelated once uploaded.

Here are a few examples of analyses with great cover pictures:

Lastly, while adding an image is not compulsory, we encourage you to add one as it boosts the visibility of your analysis and will get you more ratings!

More ratings means more impact on the final company score, making you an active contributor to our mission: driving companies' transformation by measuring their impact.

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