Frequently Asked Questions

Faye Turner

10 min Read Time | February 12th 2021

We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions our team receives. Hopefully, you can find your answer here, but if not get in touch here at

1. Is the Certification and the use of the platform free of charge?

The Certification and the use of the platform are completely free of charge. 

2. Can I have an extension on the submission of my next assignment?

Until further notice, you do not need to ask for an extension, and may just forward in the process by submitting your work.

If you require an extension for an analysis you are writing, then please send us an email a few days in advance and we will exceptionally extend it for you.

3. Can I send the assignments before the deadline?

Feel free to start drafting assignments before the scheduled deadlines. However, as explained during the webinar, you must wait until you receive feedback for your first analysis to submit the next one. This way, you may learn about our standards and implement changes in your future submissions.

As we review the impact analyses by order of arrival and due to a fast increase in new submissions lately, please note that the reviewing process can take up to two weeks.

4. I would like to change my webinar’s date, how can I do it?

Whilst you cannot change the date of your original registration, you can simply sign up for another webinar session, just re-register via this link. You may notice you do not receive a new confirmation email, in this case we suggest using another email address than your original registration.

5. Why did I not receive the follow-up emails after the webinar?

It is possible that these emails ended up in your spam or marketing inbox. We would recommend first checking there, and then getting back to us if you still cannot find our email.

(Please note that we send the full copy of the slides and replay link 24 hours after your webinar, feel free to start the assignments as soon as you like, you can find the links below too!)

6. Can I use a different email address on the platform for the assignments than the one used for the webinar?

Yes, feel free to do so, just remember your deadline reminders will go to the email address used for the webinar registration.

7. Where can I find the slides and/or the replay video?

Here are the slides, and here is the replay video.

8. What companies can I write about to get certified or rewarded?

You can write on any company you find under the  ‘topics’ tab on the platform., this is called the Topic Selector. They are all valid for the certification and payments. Learn more in the Knowledge Centre here.

If you are interested in learning about how companies are selected, you may read out dedicated article on How we build our coverage.

9. How can I keep track of how many ratings I have done?

In order to see how many ratings you have done, simply go on your profile and look below your username.

10. When will my analyses be reviewed?

We review the impact analyses by order of arrival and due to a fast increase in new submissions lately, please note that the reviewing process can take up to two weeks. This is because we attach a lot of importance to giving you personalized feedback and ensuring high-quality content on the platform.

Thanks for your understanding, we are increasing our reviewing capacity.

11. I have finished my assignment, what should I do?

We currently send general follow-up emails after a deadline is reached during the certification process. However, if you are done beforehand you can move on to the next assignment, but you must wait to receive feedback on your previous analysis to move on to the next one.

For a recap of what each assignment entails, please refer to the last pages of the slides.

12. When will I receive my certificate?

As explained during the webinar, you will receive a certificate once you successfully pass the two assignments (ratings 15 analyses and publishing 3 analyses) required to become a Certified Impact Analyst.

For the Rating Certification, we certify all users on Fridays on a weekly basis if they have made the ratings required.

13. Can I receive a certificate for attending the webinar ?

We do not provide any attendance certificate. You will receive a certificate only once you successfully pass the assignments required to become a Certified Impact Analyst or Certified Impact Rater.

14. I have successfully passed the assignments but have not received the certificate yet, what should I do?

Please send an email at explaining the issue.

15. Once I am a Certified Impact Analyst, may I include a suffix in my name?

Yes, only after receiving the diploma from the Impaakt team you might use the suffix CIA or Freelance Impact Analyst after your name. (example: Albert Einstein, CIA/Freelance Impact Analyst)

16. How do I get paid?

To be eligible for payment, you must first become a Certified Impact Analyst. Then you will receive €30 per published analysis. You will be paid the following month. So for any analyses published after your certification in month X, you will be paid the first week of month Y.

Click here for more information on how this process works.

17. How can I report sensitive content or errors on the platform?

If you spot any sensitive, defamatory, and/or insulting content or any errors in published analyses please report by using the report feature (located at the bottom of analyses) and using the drop-down menu or explaining clearly the issue. Together, we will maintain the high-quality standards of the platform.

18. How can I report a bug on the platform?

Please send us an email at describing the bug and the steps you undertook that led you to the issue. Our IT team will be happy to assist you in resolving the issue and improving the platform.

19. How can I provide some feedback or suggestions to the team?

We are always happy to get feedback from our members it helps us improve! For this, we would invite you to fill out our feedback form.

20. How do I use the Topic Selector?

Simply reserve a topic attached to a company by going to the ‘topics’ tab and start writing. Don't hesitate to use the keywords attached to the topics to guide your analysis in the right direction.

Learn more about the deadlines and useful tips of the Topic Selector by reading our article in the Knowledge Centre here.


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