Green Technologies Learn how to correctly analyse this topic.

Victoria Schoenlaub

7 min Read Time | August 10th 2021

Key takeaways


Logically and simply describe the green technology.


Focus on innovations that already have current impacts and be critical of limitations.


Be mindful of the impact scale: what is the depth, breadth and persistence of the impact of this product

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What are they?

Green solutions are defined as technologies, products and processes that have a more positive environmental impact compared to their current alternatives.


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SDG Choice

Almost all SDG could be utilised; the most common ones are:

✅ SDG 6

✅ SDG 7

✅ SDG 9

✅ SDG 13

It depends on whether the technology impacts water, energy, innovation, or climate change.

Impact assessment

Some companies offer cleaner solutions through their products and services, either in terms of energy consumption, emissions, water consumption, waste, etc.

In your analysis, you should start by describing the technology. Then, state when it was released, where and what has been its impact on the environment or society. You must be critical of the green solutions’ limitations.

To make sure to avoid greenwashing, check out our article Golden Rule #4: Go beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Make sure to also take into account:

1/ The breadth of the impact

  • Is the impact local, national, or global?

  • How many people are concerned? Thousands? Millions? Billions?

As a rule of thumb, if it affects at least 1 million people it is considered significant. Although, please bear in mind that this is not always the case, as, at times, it could be considered unfair to expect an impact to touch that many lives. Thus, this is flexible.

2/ The depth of the impact

  • Is the life of people concerned deeply affected, or does the issue just marginally impact them?

  • Are the changes brought by the issue profoundly changing society or the planet?

3/ The persistence of the impact

  • How long would the impact described last for? Months? Years? Decades?

  • How reversible is the impact described in the impact analysis? Can it be easily stopped/extended?

Finally, make sure the solution has a current impact, and not a future one, and on a significant scale.


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