The Impaakt Referral Offer

Recommend us to a friend and put money in your pocket!

If you bring an active friend to us we'll give you both a €20 bonus when they publish their first Impact Note!

We're passionate about sharing our mission far and wide, and as one of our top members, we're giving you the chance to earn money by referring your friends! Read on to find out how it works.

How our referral offer works

1. Share It

FORWARD your referral email to up to 50 people and COPY in the Impaakt team in your email ( Alternatively, contact your friends via your own means but send us an email indicating the email addresses of those you are sharing the referral scheme with. We can then monitor these emails for activity.

2. Publish It

Once your friend has had their first Impact Note PUBLISHED you'll both be notified via confirmation email.

Help them get published by sending them to our handy checklist or by getting them to register to one of our Certified Impact Analyst webinars.

3. Earn it

Both of you then need to REPLY to your confirmation emails with your payment details (either a Revolut, SEPA or PayPal account are required) and we'll pay both of you €20 each.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions before you participate in the Impaakt Referral Scheme. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you must not participate in the Impaakt Referral Scheme.
The promoter of the Impaakt Referral Scheme is Impaakt, a joint-stock company incorporated under Swiss law, whose registered seat is located in Carouge (GE), Switzerland (referred to as “Impaakt”, “we”, “us”, “our”).
These terms and conditions apply to any participant in the Impaakt Referral Scheme, whether as a Referrer or a Referee.

  1. The number of referrals per Referrer is limited to 50.
  2. The Referee must use the same email address to register on the Impaakt platform and submit his/her Impact Note as the one used by the Referrer in their initial invitation email to join the Referral program.
  3. The €20 payout is only payable to both parties for the first Impact Note published by the Referee. Subsequent Impact Notes published by either the Referee or the Referrer fall outside of the scope of this Referral program.
  4. The €20 payout is only payable to both the Referrer and the Referee for a published Impact Note, not a submitted one. Impact Notes are published only when they have successfully completed the standard validation process applied by the Impaakt team.
  5. Any submission of an Impact Note not meeting the Impaakt Editorial requirements will be returned to the Referee, who will have the opportunity to revise the content based on the feedback received, and submit the Impact Note a second time. If after 3 submissions in total the content still does not meet the requirements, Impaakt reserve the right to irrevocably reject the submission, on their sole decision and without the possibility for the Referee or the Referrer to appeal this decision.
  6. After a successful Impact Note submission and publication, the Referee and the Referrer will receive an email confirming that they have successfully completed the Referral program. They must provide the necessary payment details to the Impaakt team by replying to this email.
  7. The participants of this scheme must have either a Revolut, SEPA or a Paypal account in order to receive the payment. Other means of payments will not be accepted.
  8. If no Revolut, SEPA or Paypal payment details are given to the Impaakt team within 30 days of the publication, Impaakt is no longer obligated to make a payment.
  9. Impaakt reserves the right to withdraw or change any feature of this Referral scheme at any time. Impact Notes that have been submitted before the Referral scheme is changed or withdrawn are eligible for the conditions that were in effect at the time of their submission.
  10. Impaakt will ensure payment is made within 14 days of payment details being received.
  11. The time limit on the payable bonus due to either party is 3 months from the initial referral email being sent from the referrer to the time of publishing the impact note.
  12. It can take up to 2 weeks for impact notes to be reviewed so ensure you calculate this into your submission timelines.
  13. By forwarding the Referral email to the Referee, the Referrer agrees to the terms set out in this document.