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"Mondi’s innovative packaging solutions are helping consumers store and transport goods swiftly."

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7 min Read Time | January 7th 2022

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Learn more about Mondi and their contribution to storing and transporting goods

Welcome to the article of the week, highlighting the environmental and social impact of a company through a recently published article on the Impaakt platform.

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Written by: Soumya K

Company: Mondi

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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"Mondi’s innovative packaging solutions are helping consumers store and transport goods swiftly."

In 2019, the global packaging industry was worth $914.7bn1. Packaging protects goods from damage during storage & transportation & preserves them until it reaches the end consumer2. It helps in the promotion of products, identifying & describing a product2. High-quality packaging solutions help brands provide an indication to their product quality3. Various types of packaging include paperboard boxes, corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, foil sealed bags, etc.4.

Mondi, a British multinational containers & packaging company, operates across more than 30 countries & produces approximately 6 million tonnes (Mt) of annual paper & market pulp5. It manages 2.4M hectares of forests & operates in 100 locations5. Mondi has the highest revenue from customers in Western Europe (38%) followed by Emerging Europe (23%), North America (11%), Russia (9%), Asia & Australia (9%) & Africa (8%)6;p12.

Mondi reported a revenue of 6.8bn in 20207 which is less than 1% of the total packaging industry’s market value in 20191. Depending on business units, flexible packaging has the highest revenue (39%) followed by corrugated packaging (27%), uncoated fine paper (22%) & engineered materials (12%)6;p11. As per the application of its products, 50% of Mondi’s revenue comes from consumer & retail, 15% from building & construction, 15% from chemicals, industrial, agriculture, other & 15% from paper for home, office, & professional printing6;p11.

The products in the “flexible packaging” segment include paper bags, consumer flexibles, kraft paper, etc. which are used by consumer, retail, chemicals, industrial, agriculture, etc.7. Mondi is the largest producer of kraft paper globally & third-largest consumer flexible packaging producer in Europe8;p37. The aseptic carton is used to store milk, purees, juices, etc. easily, is convenient for the consumer to use & extends shelf life of product9.

Mondi’s packaging is contributing to the swift movement of various goods across multiple applications globally.

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