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What is Impaakt?

Let’s make sure the world changes for the better

This is what impaakt is all about

Ensuring businesses become a driving force for positive change

Businesses shape our world, that’s a fact. Their actions are profound, global and lasting. They impact our earth, our oceans, our climate, our cities and our lives in many manners. We can all participate in changing the world for the better by inciting businesses to become a driving force for good.

Why should I join the community?  

Providing effective impact measurement

For this to happen, we need to measure the real impact that companies have on the planet and society. We need to gain knowledge on how their operations and products affect our very lives for better, or for worse. So that we can invest in, buy from or work for the companies that bring the most positive contribution to our world.

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How does it work?

Trusting collective intelligence

Impaakt is a collaborative platform that harnesses the power of collective intelligence to produce accurate, objective and exhaustive assessment of the global impact of businesses.

No single expert in the world can assess alone the highly complex, multifaceted impact of a company. This work needs the contribution of many analysts sharing their knowledge, confronting their views and revealing – collectively – the real impact of a company.

Rewarding quality

Impaakt is not about rumors or arbitrary judgement. It’s about hard facts and rigorous analysis.

Our platform has been designed to systematically reward those among our members who produce the most objective, relevant and insightful analysis in their Impact Notes.

And we also reward those who produce balanced and informed impact ratings for companies, based on the best related Impact Notes.

A brand new approach

You’ve probably figured it out there’s nothing out there like impaakt!

Impaakt Application

Measuring real impact, not just practices

When most of the existing rating systems focus on the practices of companies, Impaakt looks at their entire impact in the most exhaustive way, analysing how their operations, their products, their innovations and even their ideas profoundly change our society and our planet. Our interest is for real impact in all its dimensions.

Relying on collective intelligence, not just a few experts

The Impaakt team was not built around a few experts. It brings together potentially thousands of analysts that are not selected on their degrees or professional background, but rather on the quality, relevance and objectivity of the analyses they publish. This unrivalled brain power gives us a depth and diversity of analysis that no other system can deliver.

Providing real-time impact quotes, for everybody to use

Unlike other existing rating systems, Impaakt delivers a real-time impact metric. This “impact quote” reflects the social and environmental value of a company just like the stock exchange quote shows its financial value. It is a simple, universal and constantly updated metric that makes it easy to compare the impact of companies across sectors and geographies. And it is available for everybody to use.

Our services

Advanced impact analytics at your fingertips

The high quality impact data produced on our platform is made available to our clients through subscription packages that give access to various services

Standardized impact reports on companies, sectors or SDGs (please see a ficticious, sample company report here)

Advanced data analytics tools that make it possible to access and process our data from many different angles, at the highest possible level of granularity.

Virtual portfolio management features that investors can use to build and manage their own impact-driven portfolios, updated in real-time.

Full fledged data exporting tools that allow our clients to integrate our data within their own information or portfolio management systems.

Join the community

Let’s do it together!

Share your knowledge and help us build the most comprehensive and accurate assessment of the impact of companies

Why should you check in?

Impaakt is a free access platform. We want knowledge about the impact of companies to be accessible to everybody. This is how we get enough people involved for things to really change. So get in, read as many Impact Notes as you want and find out what the impact score of your favorite companies is. A wealth of impact-related information and analysis is just one click away, for everybody to use.

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Why should you become an Impaakter?

To speak your mind! You know a company and want to share your knowledge about its impact? Write an Impact Note and make your point.

Don’t want to write up an impact analysis? Then read and rate the Impact Notes written by other Impaakters and help us identify which ones are best. You will make the entire platform more efficient and more useful for the entire Impaakt community.

Last but not least, assess the impact of the companies you have read about. Thanks to Impaakt, you have now become an impact specialist, and we encourage you to go forth and make use of this knowledge.

Our Partners

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Founder team

Bertrand Gacon

Bertrand Gacon Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bertrand is a change-maker who prefers to see the world not as it is, but as it could be. He is a tireless advocate of the “impact economy” who views businesses as a force for positive change.

In 2006, his personal conviction led him to build a team dedicated to “Responsible and Impact Investing” in one of the world’s largest financial institutions, designing innovative solutions for private and institutional investors willing to use their capital for good. As a result, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in companies fighting climate change, preserving natural resources or reducing inequalities.

Bertrand’s passion and vision have been at the origin of Impaakt. His enthusiasm is an inspiration for the team and for the community of Impaakters who have joined us along the way.

Sebastien Allard

Sebastien Allard Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Sebastien is the man who turns ideas into reality. An engineer by education, he has spent the last 25 years advising the world’s largest financial institutions on their strategic business and IT developments and working tirelessly to ensure they are successfully delivered. Sebastien is a technology polyglot who can speak the mysterious languages of programming that most of us don’t even try to understand.

A creative and organized thinker, he is the architect of our data model, the designer of our IT infrastructure and the leader of the team of developers who have written the code behind the Impaakt platform. Sebastien’s professionalism and attention to detail are outstanding; thanks to him, everything we do (or even think!) is properly documented and every bug on the platform is tracked down until complete resolution.

Sylvain Massot

Sylvain Massot Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Sylvain is not just Impaakt’s Chief Financial Officer, he is our master of analytics, a true believer in hard facts and proven figures.

For over 20 years, Sylvain was one of the world’s most recognized Equity Analysts. Today he certainly knows what it takes to thoroughly pick through a company’s facts and figures and produce a robust and informed opinion on its value. His experience and vision have proven essential in shaping Impaakt’s rigorous analytical framework.

Sylvain has led in the past a 60-people team as the Head of Investments for a leading international Private Bank. A senior position that forged his exceptional capacity to listen and bring the best out in people. Today he makes sure we always get to the bottom of everything we do.

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If you have a question or feel like interacting with the people building the impaakt community, drop us a line!


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