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Global Impact Rankings 2022

Faye Turner

9 min Read Time | November 29th 2022

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If you’re an investor, a consumer or an employee, this report is for you.

Our annual report is out to help you discover how the companies you interact with are impacting people and the planet. Our mission is to hold companies to account for their impact, and in the process help you do the same.

Today, together with aperture, the growth capital and marketing services company, we launched our inaugural “Global Impact Rankings”, a report revealing the companies having the most positive and negative impacts on the planet.

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We do things differently...

While we have all seen reports that detail the top plastic polluters or those divisive in deforestation, this report looks at ALL the impacts that a company has in the most granular detail. We document both positive AND negative topics to give you a more rounded view of company impact.

Aside from our unique methodology, the rankings you see in this report are compiled using collective intelligence, Impaakt relies on nearly 50,000 trained community members to source and rate the relative importance of factual information, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the framework. What you see here is a global view, free from greenwashing and looking far beyond ESG.

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Inside the Report

  • Leaders & Laggards: Check the overall company rankings and their key contributions (Positive & Negative) to the SDGs.
  • SDG Spotlights: Key SDGs insight at a global level, learn which companies impact Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6), Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10) and Climate Action (SDG 13).
  • Regional & Sector Leaders
  • Companies we 'Love to Love' & 'Love to Hate'

PRESS RELEASE: First Solar, Mastercard and Moderna among the companies to have the most positive impact on the planet, according to new ranking report

Geneva, 29 November 2022 - aperture, the growth capital and marketing services company, together with Impaakt, a collective intelligence platform for impact data, today launch their inaugural “Global Impact Report”, a ranking of the companies having the most positive and negative impacts on the planet.

The Global Impact Report takes an annual snapshot of company impact data, using the Impaakt data platform. Impaakt relies on the collective intelligence of more than 50,000 trained community members to source and rate the relative importance of factual information about companies’ impact on the planet, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the framework. The premise is that the community’s collective views are not only valid, but more neutral and objective than the views or methodologies of any individual ratings provider.

At a macro level, the results show that most companies are not yet doing enough to improve their planetary impact.  From the companies assessed, the contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are more negative than positive. Most companies – however good their products – still have a negative environmental footprint from their operations. Nonetheless, while no company’s impacts are wholly positive, there are some companies that have significant positive impacts on both people and planet.

Clean energy companies top the list. Unsurprisingly, clean energy companies score well in the rankings, with First Solar and Sunrun taking the top spots. However, companies from other sectors, and possibly less intuitive names, also feature in the top 10, such as Mastercard, Schneider Electric and Moderna, maker of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Companies from the oil and gas, mining and tobacco sectors are those with the most negative scores, with CNOOC, Vale and Saudi Aramco coming bottom of the list. The report also shines a light on other companies, such as Apple and Nestle, which one might assume would have a high positive score, and shows how, when multiple factors are taken into account, the picture is more complex.

Ben Robinson, co-founder of CEO of aperture, commented:

“We believe this report is very timely. As Cop27 showed us, we cannot rely solely on governments to lead the action on climate change. We as individuals - consumers, employees, investors - must also play a role in holding companies to account. This report - and, by extension, the Impaakt platform - gives people a straightforward and easy-to-understand picture of which companies are positively or negatively impacting our planet, so that we can vote with our feet.”

Bertrand Gacon & Sylvain Massot, co-founders of Impaakt, explained:

“By its very nature, sustainability is a collective endeavour. Companies can only make significant progress if their entire ecosystem is involved in the process. This report is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate Impaakt's participatory approach, which involves the stakeholders who matter most (and have direct knowledge) in the entire sustainability process. This results in more meaningful impact assessment and more effective impact management.”

View the full report at aperture.co/global-impact-report

About Impaakt

Impaakt is a collaborative platform. Our mission is to provide qualitative impact assessments and meaningful, real-time impact scores, helping direct capital to companies with the best possible impact on the planet and society. We use collective intelligence (i.e. you!) and AI to deliver a depth and diversity of analysis that no other system offers.

About aperture

aperture helps de-risk the growth of early-stage technology companies. We do so by providing a combination of go-to-market services, consulting and early-stage investment capital. Aperture specialises in working with platform business, especially in the financial services sector. We are investors in Impaakt and proud to present its ground-breaking research.

For more information, visit www.aperture.co

For enquiries: media@aperture.co


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