Rate companies' impact on the world.

With our sustainability rating certification, you will learn how to rate the environmental & social impact of a business and become a Certified Impact Rater.

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This free training gives you the opportunity to hold companies to account by learning to rate their sustainability efforts.

Why join the Impact Rater Certification?


Educate yourself on the latest in sustainability news by rating articles about the impact of businesses'. Learn how to rate their environmental and social impact and be part of holding businesses to account.

Career Focus

Acquire tangible skills in measuring the breadth depth and persistence of impact. This is a useful Certification if you are interested in a career in sustainability as you will broaden your understanding of how businesses impact the world.

Earn a Certification

Once you have become a Certified Impact Rater by completing the rating assignments, you'll receive a personalised Certificate that you can display on LinkedIn or your CV to demonstrate your new skills.

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What to expect - Free Certification


After attending our Certified Impact Rater webinar you'll get all the tools you need to complete the training and become a Certified Impact Rater. In order to get your Certification, you'll need to register for the webinar and complete the assignments.

Your Assignments

You will be required to rate the impact scale and value in at least 30 impact analyses. Our algorithm carefully monitors all ratings made on our platform and we only allow certification to users who have taken the time and care to rate accurately.

Impaakt & Our Training

At Impaakt we offer free educational tools to promote awareness about impact and sustainability, we are enabling the transition toward the impact economy by measuring the impact of businesses', this is why the Certified Impact Rater training is open to anyone and is delivered free of any charges.

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