How can we make companies accountable for their impact on the planet?

We reinvent the way we measure them.

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Our Story.

Behind Impaakt, came years of work inside some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Yes, you read that right, our community founders came from the finance world. Surprising? It shouldn't be.

Investors steer capital to companies all over the world that profoundly impact our everyday lives.

Those companies are the largest contributors to environmental & social issues and thus hold a great deal of power over the progress toward a sustainable future.

With the right investment companies having a positive impact on the planet are able to flourish.

And those having a negative impact are challenged to change or risk having investors put their capital elsewhere.

Our Reality.

The founding members struggled with the reality of the existing methods in place to measure businesses' sustainability efforts and overall impact.

They needed a way to ensure their investment decisions were truly sustainable so they could allocate capital to companies doing good in the world.

But what about Environmental, Social and Governance data (ESG) or Corporate Social Responsibiblty Reports (CSR) I hear you say?

Well, they measure practices rather than impact and they describe policies rather than outcomes. Plus, how can we ensure objectivity, when the data itself comes from the very company being assessed?

So the question arose - how can we create the ultimate resource of objective, quality impact information so that investors have the ability to make informed decisions?

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Our Solution.

With this in mind, our founders created a solution to do just that.
In the process, they turned to you, as citizens, consumers, employees, as inhabitants of this planet, who feel the impact of companies on a daily basis to take the power back.

Allowing you to write about and rate the impact that companies have.

By putting the power in your hands and leveraging a crowdsourced approach, we do not rely on a single expert instead we have a diverse and objective global community. A strategy that gives us the ultimate approach in impact measurement.

The data produced here is thus used by investors and financial institutes, allowing capital to get allocated to companies having the most positive impact.

The data is also open to the public, we believe having the right information to decide who we work for, buy from and advocate for is equally important in driving the change, hence the decision to be an open access platform and to share our revenues with our contributors.

The final question came - how do ensure all of our contributors share a common language and approach?

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Our Impact.

One framework for this assessment had been designed to do just that.

The Sustainable Development Goals provided us with the structure needed to align contributions and analysis of businesses' impact. These clearly defined topics are in place to ensure we have the ability to prosper and thus made the perfect partner for us when looking at the impact of companies on the planet and the people who inhabit it.

And the rest is history...

But we've still got a lot of work to do. You’re here because you are aware of the challenges we’re facing as a planet, maybe you’re looking for ways to contribute to the shift toward a sustainable world? Well, where best to start than with the companies having the most profound impact of all?

How do we do it?


We’re a community of dreamers, change-makers, coffee takers and innovators. Our passion and drive is focused on transforming how companies shape our world. Together our community looks at their entire impact, how their operations, products, innovations and even their ideas impact the world we live in.

Join Forces

We use collective intelligence (you!) and A.I to deliver a depth and diversity of analysis that no other system offers, and we hero quality, relevance and objectivity. Power in numbers is at the heart of our ethos, we’re proud to be a crowdsourced impact platform, and often shout it from the windows of our office.

Value Driven

We’re dedicated to providing real-time impact scores, for everybody to access. These impact scores reflect the social and environmental value of a company, just like the stock exchange shows its financial value, and we believe this value should be in the mind of every decision-maker.

Our Mission.

To be the most reliable place for sustainability and impact information on companies all over the world, for people all over the world.

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