CSRD-Ready Stakeholder Engagement

A collective approach to your double-materiality assessment

Corporate Management

Engage the people who matter the most.

How are you engaging your stakeholders in line with regulatory requirements?

Double materiality requires the assessment of environmental and societal externalities affecting your company and the impact your company has on the planet and people. To make this assessment, you need to engage the people who matter the most. This means an extensive community of relevant stakeholders.

Our solution provides your company with a platform to collect data, assess materiality, and aggregate your company score and progress based on your stakeholder ecosystem.

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Our Approach

Assess Materiality

Measure positive & negative impacts covering topics that are relevant to your products and services.

By People Who Matter

Engage your community to assess your impact. Show employees, customers, suppliers & clients you value their input.

In Line With CSRD

This is what double materiality is about. Capture the breadth, depth, and scale of your impacts through a collective assessment approach.

An integrated Impact Management Platform

Sustainability is a collective activity that requires the involvement of all stakeholders.

Our collaborative approach fits the need for corporates to involve their various communities (employees, suppliers, investors, etc.) in identifying relevant impact topics and assessing their materiality. 

The Impaakt platform handles the onboarding, training, and management of these communities, enabling corporates to comply with regulatory demands. 

Prepare, engage, assess, benchmark.

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