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We're a crowdsourced impact platform where your voice counts.

Our community of writers contribute articles that inform everyone about what companies are doing to impact the planet and society.

What's it all about?

Our Goal

Your participation here holds companies to account for their impact on the environment and society. Our platform bridges the gap between you and companies' actions.

Our Community

The power is in your hands - our platform is open to anyone, we rely on members to contribute by rating impact analyses, writing them, or even just reading and sharing them.

Our Rewards

If you become a Certified Impact Analyst your contributions earn you rewards, that can either be donated to charity or taken as cash. Learn more about rewards here.

What can I do here?

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Read about your favourite (or least favourite) companies' impact on the planet, and share this knowledge with others.

Has a brand or company you like reduced their CO2 emissions?

Has their new product benefited a community in need?

Has their production facilitiy polluted an ecosystem?

Read about their impact and see their Impact Score on our platform.

Arm yourself with this knowledge and share it with others. See a selection of company profiles here.

Write about the impact a company is having on the planet or society, hold them accountable for their positive or negative affect.

Everyone can make an impact by contributing to our platform. And it's totally free to access.

Whether it's a company's impact on climate, gender equality or plastic pollution - anything that makes an impact, makes an impact analysis.

We use the Sustainable Development Goals as our framework, ensuring all the crucial topics are covered. You can find out more about becoming a writer for us here.

Rate the quality, scale, and how positive or negative the impact of each impact analysis is.

Anyone can rate the articles found on our platform, also known as 'impact analyses'. Firstly give a quality rating by deciding how relevant, objective and insightful the impact analysis is.

Then rate how positive or negative the impact is on the environment and society. + 5 would be very positive, -5 very negative.

Finally, rate how large or small the impact is for the environment and society. Your ratings are what produces the company impact score - so your voice counts!

You can also earn your Certification as an Impact Rater learn more here.

Read and influence company impact scores with your contribution. Impact scores are generated by the ratings you give the impact analysis.

The impact score indicates the environmental and social value of the company.

The scale runs from -5 to +5 based on the positive or negative impact a company currently has on the world.

It is a simple, universal and constantly updated metric. Learn how the score is calculated on our impact score methodology page.

You can find out at a glance a company's position on sustainability. Check out some company impact scores here.

Earn rewards that generate you cash payments or donations to charity.

Making a contribution here not only holds companies to account for their impact, but generates you rewards.

All members that become Certified Impact Analysts earn rewards for their published analyses. Analysts can either donate those rewards to worthy causes aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals or they can take them as a cash payment.

Learn more about payments and donations here.

Combining Crowdsourcing + A.I.

Our approach to measuring the impact of businesses gives us unrivaled brainpower, depth, and diversity of information that no other system can deliver.

Combining the power of thousands of diverse brains alongside smart machine learning delivers the ultimate in impact measurement.

Before publication, facts and analyses are rigorously checked to ensure the absolute integrity of our data and sources, allowing us to deliver our commitment of balanced and informed impact scores.

Check out a selection of Company Profiles.

Why join us?

We need you and others to make it happen. No matter your contribution here - everything goes toward making real change in how we see the impact that businesses have on the planet and the people in it.