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Write for us by analysing the environmental & social impact of a business.

Designed by industry leaders, our free training gives you the opportunity to earn cash rewards or donate to charity.

With this training you will


Gain critical knowledge on how businesses impact the planet & society, how to measure environmental and social impact, the current sustainability landscape, and how we all can play a part in driving a positive transformation together.


Acquire valued and tangible skills in writing about, rating and measuring impact. This is a useful qualification if you are interested in a career in sustainability, impact or if you’re simply passionate about these topics.

Earn Rewards

Once you have become a Certified Impact Analyst, each published analysis is worth €30. These funds are donated to charity at the end of each month or can claim your reward as a cash payment. Learn more here.

What to expect - Train from anywhere in the world.


After attending our webinar or enrolling for our online course, you'll get all the tools you need to complete the training and become a Certifed Impact Analyst. There are a series of short assignments in the form of impact ratings and impact analyses to complete successfully to receive your certification.

Your Tutor

During the process, you’ll also get your own Impact Reviewer giving you detailed feedback and aiding you on your learning journey, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from this training course.

Why this training?

By promoting awareness and education about impact and sustainability, we are enabling the transition toward the impact economy, this is why the Certified Impact Analyst training is open to anyone and is delivered free of any charges.

Learn more about the two training styles available below.

Certified Impact Analyst Online Training Course

Select this option if you want to:

Follow the course at your own pace

Decided to take a break? Or come back to the training the next day? No problem, this 1 hour 30-minute self-paced course allows you to pause and come back where you left off without losing your progress. You'll receive a weekly reminder to come back and continue and can easily monitor your own progress.

Test your knowledge
Take quizzes after each section to make sure you have understood the material and help you to get your articles published first time.

Certified Impact Analyst Webinar

Select this format if you'd like to:

Follow the course in one seating

Do you have 50 minutes to spare and would like to hear industry experts discuss environmental and social impact and how to measure it? This webinar is for you.

Replay in your own time

You'll receive a follow-up email with the slides presented during the webinar, as well as a reply link to rewatch the webinar at any point. We'll follow up with you with reminders about your assignments.

Certification Reviews

Pritiranjan Maharana

"Training at Impaakt augmented my cognizance and reshaped my thinking about how companies can be instrumental to move towards a sustainable future. Also, being an Impaakt Analyst, the platform gave me the opportunity to hold the conglomerates accountable for their social and environmental damaging corporate practices."

Read some of Pritiranjan's impact analyses here.

Anshumaan Ayyangar

"As a PDD engineer transitioning into the technology policymaking space, I found sustainability to be the most crucial link between a draft on paper and a workable solution. Impaakt's program gave me the much needed insights in terms of SDGs, and has helped me focus more on important data otherwise ignored while analysing impacts."

Read some of Anshumaan's impact analyses here.

Alka Joseph

"The Impaakt certification program is really insightful. The onboarding program is very comprehensive and provides great clarity regarding the work to be performed. During the certification process, there is adequate and ample guidance given to one for any changes or improvements that need to be made to the analysis. I could progress with absolute confidence while Iearning all along."

Read some of Alka's impact analyses here.

Daniel Swanepoel

"I am a Sustainability Consultant in South Africa and with Impact Investing receiving much attention at the moment, I decided to look into the Impaakt training for self-development. Impaakt brings together ESG reporting with achieving SDGs on the road to a more sustainable world. The training and platform provide for a great learning experience in respect to trends in Europe at the moment within the Impact Investment/Reporting environment. As a student, you will learn how to analyse companies’ Sustainability reports to understand SDG impacts. This will provide a stronger foundation for future advisory work."

Read some of Daniel's impact analyses here.

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