Earn money or donate it.

Generate cash or charitable donations.

By writing analyses on our platform you can generate rewards. Each published impact analysis earns you €30.

Payments & Donations Explained

Earn Rewards

We share our revenues, offering a reward for each published impact analysis. To be eligible for rewards, you'll need to complete our free Certification.

Get Paid

Once you have become a Certified Impact Analyst, each published analysis is worth €30. Certified Analysts can claim their reward as a cash payment. This process is outlined below.


We also offer the option for analysts to donate their rewards. For those that don't choose cash payments, we donate the accumulated funds to a charity at the end of each month.

How to Earn Rewards

In order to earn rewards, you first have to become a Certified Impact Analyst.

What is Certification?

  • A 50-minutes free webinar or online training course that anyone can join.
  • A series of assignments to give you the skills to accurately and effectively assess the impact of a business.

Learn more or sign up for the next webinar training here or join our new online training course.

What's Next?

Once you have successfully completed your certification every analysis you publish earns you €30 in rewards!

We will send your Certification Confirmation Email and Certificate, and with this email, we will send you a link to a form to fill out your payment details for you to complete if you want to take payments.

If you would like to donate your rewards or change your payment preferences email us at payments@impaakt.com.

Reward Policy

  • Rewards are only for published work by Certified Analysts. 
  • Members must be able to receive payment via Payoneer or Revolut in order to opt for cash payment.
  • Impact analyses published during the certification are not eligible for rewards.
  • Rewards are accumulated and then paid to Analysts at the beginning of the following month. As a guide, there is an approximate window of 1 week for payments to be received.
  • Writers must use the 'topics' tab to write on our pre-determined priority companies and topics.
  • The current monetary amount for rewards is 30 EUR. 

Read the full terms and conditions about payments and rewards here.

See your donations so far.

WWF Australia 1,528 CHF
WWF Switzerland 850 CHF
WWF Switzerland 1,339 CHF
WWF Switzerland 1,747 CHF

Why this approach?

We offer donations and payments in return for the value that members add to our platform. Our mission is to measure the environmental and social impact of 1,000's of companies - that takes the work of many! So what's stopping you? Join today to make an impact.