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Faye Turner

6 min Read Time | November 4th 2020

Coperta Community Index Magazine 2020

This week saw the release of the much anticipated Community Index, an index of programs and projects developed by companies in Romania for community investment, launched in 2019. The mission of the ranking is to highlight CSR projects that place more emphasis on sustainability.

As part of the index Impaakt co-founder Sylvain Massot was interviewed, he spoke about how Impaakt was born, our mission and our results so far.

Here is an extract from the article:

"Sylvain: Instead of using the brains of a few experts that can only process a certain quantity of information and suffer from their personal biases, we decided to use the brains of thousands of contributors located all over the world and coming from very diverse backgrounds. Although we find that the comparison has its limitations, we are sometimes described as a kind of Wikipedia of Impact."

Interviewer: What should investors take into consideration, when it comes to being better informed about the most sustainable companies?

Sylvain: Good practices and policies are certainly a step in the right direction but focusing on these elements is no longer sufficient at a time when our world is facing many social and environmental challenges that need to be addressed now. Every company makes multiple pledges for example to reduce C02 emissions by 2030 or 2050. This is certainly laudable, but at Impaakt we believe that companies should be judged on what impact their product or services have on societty today."

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