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Impaakt referenced in the Financial Times

Faye Turner

6 min Read Time | July 5th 2021

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Impaakt were mentioned in the Financial Times yesterday in an article published by Moral Money.

We were referenced by Frederik Dahlmann, associate professor of strategy and sustainability at Warwick Business School, he spoke about the increasing popularity of analysing companies using artificial intelligence or crowdsourcing.

In the sub heading of the article titled "Academics combat greenwashing with ESG accreditation." Frederik went on to explain his thoughts on approaches to combat issues with ESG such as greenwashing.

Here is a short extract:

"Moral Money has covered efforts to draw parameters around what is and is not true ESG investing. Earlier this year, we reported about the CFA Institute’s new ESG certificate.

Now a team of 13 professors is offering to analyse ESG funds and products for authenticity. The ESG division of UK-based Global Markets Media has organised the ivory tower team to vet hedge funds, private equity companies, ETF providers and others in investment management. Accredited funds will be able to market their stamp of approval to investors.

An initial fund review will cost £2,950 and an annual renewal fee of £750.

The initiative “is still in the early stages” and has not yet analysed a fund, Frederik Dahlmann, an associate professor of strategy and sustainability at the Warwick Business School, told Moral Money. And the team will want to keep its vetting process fluid so that funds cannot game the methodology, he said.

The academics’ approach offers a human touch to other, increasingly popular ways to analyse companies with artificial intelligence or crowdsourcing. Dahlmann pointed out two projects WikiRate and Impaakt as examples of this.

“Can computers do this?” He asked about ESG vetting. “Or do we need human judgment and do we need lots of people involved?” (Patrick Temple-West)

We agree with Frederik, this is why here at Impaakt we use a powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence AND human contributions to analyse the ever-evolving and complex world of environmental and social impact.

You can read the full article in the Financial Times here.

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