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"In 2021, Geberit’s dual-flush & flush-stop cisterns helped conserve 3.6 trillion liters of water"

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7 min Read Time | April 8th 2022

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What is the impact of Geberit's technology on water conservation?

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The winner this week is:

Written by: Bayo

Company: Geberit

SDG 6: Clean Water & Sanitation

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"In 2021, Geberit’s dual-flush & flush-stop cisterns helped conserve 3.6 trillion liters of water"

Water is a limited resource, so we need to conserve water in order to preserve our environment1. Globally, over 785 Mn people do not have access to basic water services, and over 884 Mn do not have clean drinking water7. Freshwater makes up only 3% of the world's water (only 0.5% of drinking water), whereas saltwater makes up 97%1.

The toilet is a major source of residential water consumption2. For instance, in OECD countries, an average of 20-30% of a home's indoor water consumption is used in the toilet8;p32. In older toilets, the average flush volume is 13.6 liters (L), and the daily flush volume of a person is 71.2L per day3.

Geberit AG is a Swiss company that manufactures and distributes sanitary goods and systems4. It supplies its products to 118 countries5;p162. Geberit's dual-flush and flush-stop cisterns help to optimize water usage in buildings in a sustainable way5;p64. This model is utilized in its products such as the 'Geberit in-wall flush toilet systems'6. The Geberit in-wall flush toilet system has been installed over a million times globally, and it has a standard flush volume of 6 L (or 4.8 L for solids and 3 L for liquid), ~56% less water usage than regular toilets6,3.

According to estimates, all Geberit dual-flush & flush-stop cisterns installed since 1998 have conserved 38.2 trillion (Tn) liters of water, with ~3.6 Tn L conserved in 2021 alone, when compared with other regular toilets5;p309. In 2021, Geberit launched new sustainable products such as fill & flush valves for floor standing water closets in the Nordic region, and this product has a flush volume of 4/2 L5;p265. In 2022, it also plans to launch more sustainable products such as the new dual-flush unit which offers optimal flush efficiency with minimal water usage5;p55,p332.

Geberit products are yielding efficient sustainable water usage, hence improving natural resources security globally.

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