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ESG is out – Impact is in. Innovative start-up ‘Impaakt’ turns heads with award wins and new clients.

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8 min Read Time | May 12th 2022

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Meet the start-up making an impact in the sustainable finance market. They’ve been recognised by several prestigious awarding bodies for their innovative approach to measuring environmental and social impact that is catching the attention of major market players.

Today the Swiss Fintech Impaakt has announced a list of award accolades that recognise their growing traction in the impact measurement space. A slew of new clients have remarked on their innovative method of measuring environmental and social impact, an approach that is already transforming an outdated ESG data market.

Now proud winners of the ‘Ethical Finance Innovator of the Year’ awarded by Wealth & Finance Magazine, and ‘Best ESG Fintech Company Europe’ by the Global Banking and Finance Review, Impaakt stormed onto the market late last year with their impact measurement model that challenged the norms of ESG data.

Using collective intelligence via a 40,000 strong community, and with over 500,000 impact ratings made so far, their approach goes beyond practices and promises to assess the core impact of a company to give it an ‘Impact Score,’ the closest thing to a market-based sustainability valuation.

They have since been in the spotlight by receiving the highest rating from Early Metrics (the ratings agency for start-ups), who classified the fintech in the top 10% of 4,000 start-ups. Impaakt also reached the finals of the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Switzerland, the largest platform and competition showcasing the world’s most innovative, purpose-driven start-up companies.

Two of Impaakt’s clients, de Pury Pictet Turrettini and Reyl Private Bank, shared their thoughts on why Impaakt is a market leader:

“At the forefront of the market shift from ESG to impact, Impaakt gives investors confidence to invest in companies that have a positive impact on the world. Moreover, it provides the necessary qualified data to engage companies on their positive or negative externalities, enabling financial institutions and citizens alike to avoid greenwashing.”

Dominique Habegger, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President at de Pury Pictet Turrettini.

“We look to invest in companies that are helping to address the world’s most pressing challenges and have a positive impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We considered several SDG data providers but preferred Impaakt’s collaborative solution, which gives us both quantitative data and the collective views of a broad community.”

Nicolas Pelletier, Senior Investment Manager (US & Global Equities, ESG & Impact), Reyl Private Bank.

More about Impaakt:

Impaakt helps financial institutions and portfolio managers make informed decisions that go far beyond information currently available in Corporate Social Responsibility reports and existing ESG data solutions. The data produced by Impaakt homes in on the most fundamental environmental and social impacts of a company, whether it’s the way they manufacture products, or how their products are used after sale. Impaakt’s growing client base has the ability to screen portfolios, compare industry peers, extract data feeds and review companies’ performance against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals — using powerful data visualization tools and reports.


Contact: Sabine Ragy - Marketing Manager


Organisation: Impaakt

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