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Corporate Impact Series 2022

Faye Turner

6 min Read Time | May 30th 2022

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Measuring Company Impact

We recently launched our Corporate Impact Series. A project that assesses big market players and how they sit on the impact scale compared to others in their industry.

Each company will need to meet a selection of criteria versus their peers in order to earn their Impact Industry Leader badge. Only companies with positive overall impact scores will be in the running to gain their accreditation, and as with the real-life nature of impact, scores are ever-evolving and each badge is marked with a month and year it was awarded.

Of course, all companies have positive and negative impacts, each with their own areas for improvement. We reach out to these companies with their full report and advise them to take their areas for improvement into account for future CSR and sustainability initiatives. You can access the full Impact Report for each company in the next section. Here you'll find insightful data on which SDG they impact the most and see the underlying data and analyses that contribute to the score.

If you'd like to learn more about our Impact Data and reporting services, you can explore via the below button.

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Let’s take action together

With the right investment companies having a positive impact on the planet are able to flourish. Our community forms part of that mission by measuring their impact.

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