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"96% of the US eBay-enabled small businesses get to sell their products to 17 different countries."

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7 min Read Time | February 26th 2021

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“96% of the US eBay-enabled small businesses get to sell their products to 17 different countries.”

Ebay Small Business Impact Analysis WOW png

Written by: Shubham Bakolia

Company: eBay
SDG 8: Decent work and Economic Growth

Feedback from the reviewing team:

"Stepping back to look at the greater impact of a sales platform like eBay on small businesses is an essential skill in analysing the core impact of a business. Shubham does a fantastic job at giving us the context of the impact generated, a well-written piece."

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The US had 30.7 million small businesses operating in 2019, representing 99.9 percent of the overall US businesses1;p1. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at the end of their first year, around 20% of small businesses fail2. Their failure's primary causes are the inability to find customers and lead generation2.

eCommerce offers a vast platform for small businesses to sell their products over the internet3. In 2020, about 227.5 million people, or 69% of the entire population, chose to shop online4. By 2021, the online shopping market sales are estimated to reach $4.9 trillion4.

Since 2005, eBay is one of the most prominent online marketplaces for sellers, offering a broader platform to sell their goods5. The company had more than 182 million users and 1.3 billion product listings as of 20195. Over 25 million sellers use eBay, with 7 million from the United States5.

96% of eBay-enabled small businesses sell to 17 different countries globally6. The US traditional small businesses that export (only 1%) generally reach four international markets, whereas 60% of eBay small business sellers get to sell to four or more continents6. In the communities that are in moderate to severe financial hardship (about 100 million), eBay-enabled small businesses increased by 21% compared to 1% of traditional firms between 2011 and 20166.

In the third quarter of 2020, the gross value of products sold by the US eBay marketplace reached $9.79 billion7. Over 25,000 sellers that enrolled for eBay Payments in 2019 and 2020 received $2 billion of GMV (Gross Merchandise Value)8.

eBay promised $100 million in 2020 to help small business owners move to its eCommerce9. Since the launch, the business registration numbers increased by 55% on eBay10.

eBay offers a large-scale platform for small business owners in the United States that helped them grow and save their businesses. The company continues to increase eBay-enabled small businesses through its online platform.


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