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"Microsoft is empowering people with its Digital Skills Initiative which has reached 10 Mn learners."

Written by: Nadia Hussain

Company: Microsoft
SDG 4: Quality Education

Feedback from the reviewing team:

"A well-executed analysis that demonstrates the impact that a large company like Microsoft can have on advancing our progress for SDG 4: Quality Education. Great work Nadia."

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"Microsoft is empowering people with its Digital Skills Initiative which has reached 10 Mn learners."

In today’s world digital skills are a requirement in 82% of all job vacancies1. According to UNESCO, “Digital skills are defined as a range of abilities to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information2. Digital skills are not only required in high-skill jobs; they are now a necessity from entry-level jobs to information technology-centered roles3. Approximately 17.1 Mn people still don’t have the digital skills needed at the workplace1.

Microsoft launched its digital skill initiative in July 20204. The initiative was launched to prepare 25 million people (who lost their jobs due to COVID-19) for future jobs4. The company has stated that it aims to combine the technology with sturdy government and nonprofit partnerships4. With this combination, Microsoft wants to help equip people with the skills required to land a new job4. This initiative provides free access to content on LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft learn, and GitHub learning4. These contents are available in four languages, English, French, German, and Spanish4.

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By October 2020, the initiative reached close to 1,552,000 learners across 21 markets in the Asia Pacific and reached 10 Mn learners in 231 countries around the world5. Software Developer, Customer Service Specialist and Data Analysts are some of the in-demand and most popular learning paths chosen by people5.

According to the World Economic Forum, we live in a world called the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' (FIR)6. This revolution would create 133 Mn new jobs by 20227. Software development, analytics, privacy protection, and cybersecurity will play a major role in getting jobs in this revolution4.

Microsoft stated that it would support this initiative by providing a grant of USD 20 Mn to non-profit organizations4 so that the initiative can reach every section of society 4.

Microsoft is empowering people through providing the means to gain new skills and preparing them for financial independence.


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