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"Fortinet is improving cybersecurity by protecting 500,000+ clients worldwide from cyberattacks."

The Impaakt Team

7 min Read Time | October 29th 2021

WOW Graphics Impaakt Social Media 19

How are Fortinet protecting users from cyber security threats?

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Written by: Ardit Naka

Company: Fortinet

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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"Fortinet is improving cybersecurity by protecting 500,000+ clients worldwide from cyberattacks."

Cybersecurity is the practice that protects systems, networks, programs, and sensitive information from digital attacks1. Cybersecurity companies offer services that provide defense against attacks2 meant to access, change, or destroy sensitive information, steal money from users, disrupt business processes, etc.1. Contracting a cybersecurity company has many benefits as it protects the business and customers, increases productivity and client confidence, stops the website and servers from going down, etc.3. In 2021, an estimated $6 Tn is expected to be spent worldwide on cybersecurity4.

Fortinet is a global leading tech company that provides cybersecurity solutions to organizations, governments, and small businesses5;p1. The company's products and services provide protection from digital attacks, detecting threats, responding to them, and automating protection5;p1.

The company offers a broad range of 100+ cybersecurity products and services, such as Firewall, VPN, Network Tester6;p1-6 that provide Security-Driven Networking, Infrastructure Security, Dynamic Cloud Security, Endpoint Protection, IoT and Operational Technology Security, and AI-Driven Security Operations5;p1. One of the company's most crucial products is its next-gen firewall, which provides a secure connection through the network and internet7. Fortinet is ranked 3rd in the Security Appliance Market with a 12.1% market share8 and has a $47.696 Bn market capitalization as of 20219. To date, the company has shipped over 7.2 Mn units (most of which are services11) to more than 500,000 customers in 80 countries globally 10,4;p6.

Fortinet is protecting thousands of clients from cyberattacks, thus lowering the cybercrimes rate, reducing financial losses, and improving the security of people and organizations.

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