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"Rohm’s semiconductors are increasing productivity for people around the world."

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7 min Read Time | November 19th 2021

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The importance of semiconductors in our daily lives, explained by the winner of our 'article of the week.'

The winner this week is:

Written by: Soumya K

Company: Rohm

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Read the full article below.

"Rohm’s semiconductors are increasing productivity for people around the world."

Semiconductors are materials used in day-to-day electrical appliances and electronic devices, whose electrical properties can be modulated9. They are at the heart of our digital world, in particular microprocessors and memory chips. Appliances that contain semiconductors include washing machines, refrigerators, LEDs, computers, smartphones, etc., as well as more global networks like communications, medical, logistics, etc.1. They make it possible to harness, convert & transfer energy with the least loss of power, enabling responsive, robust, & efficient electricity use2. Semiconductors can lead to a 2%-7% general energy-saving impact3. Thus, semiconductors are essential for humans & society as they enhance people’s lives by increasing their productivity4;p1 & also by increasing the lifespan of the products that people buy1.

In 2020, the global semiconductor market size was about USD425.96 billion (bn)5.

Rohm, a Japanese semiconductors manufacturing company had annual revenue of USD3.172bn as of March 20206;p53, representing 0.75% of the global semiconductor market size5. Rohm has the highest sales in Asia (52.8%), followed by Japan (35.6%), Europe (6%) & Americas (5.4%)7;p2.

Rohm offers products like LSI (Motor drive Integrated Circuits (IC’s) 6;p5, power supply ICs, sensor ICs, etc.), discrete semiconductor devices (DSD) & various modules, resistors, etc6;p9-10. LSI’s help in reducing electrical power consumption & enhance the functionality of the device6;p9. DSD’s perform single functionality8 & help in making the device compact6;p10. Rhom's products are used in applications such as automotive (36%), consumer (33%), industrial (12%), computers & office automation (11%) & telecommunication (8%)6;p11.

Rohm’s LSI, discrete semiconductor devices & various modules, resistors are increasing productivity for many people around the world.

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