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"With 82.5% of its revenue from sustainable products Signify is also helping cities get smarter.”

Faye Turner

8 min Read Time | December 11th 2020

How can energy efficient products make a city smarter and more sustainable? Signify show us how.

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Wow signify

"With 82.5% of its revenue from sustainable products Signify is also helping cities get smarter.”

Written by
: Harihar K
Company: Signify
SDG 11:
Sustainable Cities and Communities

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"Harihar carefully and selectively summarises the innovative approaches Signify are taking to smart cities, an informative and exciting read!"

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"With 82.5% of its revenue from sustainable products Signify is also helping cities get smarter.”

A smart city uses technology to solve problems sustainably3. By 2050, the world population will be around 10 billion, with two-thirds residing in cities4. With the population growth, apart from needing more lighting, the power efficiency and sustainability of cities, become a greater concern4.

Signify is one of the world’s largest makers of lighting products2. In 2019, the company had surpassed its target to generate 80% of its revenue from sustainable products by achieving 82.5%6;p15.

Signify’s prize-winning EnduraLED bulb is an equivalent for a 60W lamp, but only uses 12W of power1. LED lighting can help cities get energy efficient9 as they use up to 80% less energy6;p15. With over 100,000 operating hours, LEDs are also up to 40 times long-lasting than incandescent lamps9. Between 2015 and 2019, Signify produced two billion LED products around the world6;p15.

With its Trulifi, Signify provides Li-fi technology that uses LED lights as a medium to transmit information7;p2. Li-fi provides 80% energy-efficient lighting7;p2 and its internet connectivity are up to 100 times faster than wi-fi5. With a better AES 128-bit encryption, Trulifi is secure enough for use even by banks and the government offices7;p2.

Signify's Interact City solution remotely controls city street lighting using cloud-based management software11. This helps dimming street lights when there are no vehicles or pedestrians, ensuring energy savings11. This has saved 50% in energy costs for the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina12;p2. With over 2,000 such Interact City projects, Signify has provided two million smart luminaries in over 50 countries10;p15.

As increasing energy efficiency benefits the environment by reducing GHG emissions8, Signify has cumulatively avoided 56,943,000 tonnes of GHG emissions between 2015-20196;p19.

Signify has 82.5% of revenue from sustainable products. By making highly energy-efficient products, the company is ensuring sustainable urban lighting and secure technology.

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