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"Signify enhanced optimal lighting and productivity with 2.3bn LED units sold worldwide."

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7 min Read Time | November 12th 2021

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How are Signify lighting the way with their LED products?

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Written by: Anshumaan Ayyangar

Company: Signify

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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"Signify enhanced optimal lighting and productivity with 2.3bn LED units sold worldwide from 2015-19."

Light is one of the most important factors for human development and modernization. Artificial lighting has majorly revolutionised the world by becoming a part of everyone’s routine life. It has eradicated the limitations of old lighting methods and has contributed to better quality of life overall5. Adequate lighting is said to boost one’s sense of safety and security, and allow for activities that cannot be done in the dark, such as reading, writing, etc.1,2. Researchers who worked on the Hawthorne studies and Sun et al. further find that good lighting also positively impacts productivity and improves accuracy4,3;p6.

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) is a Dutch multinational firm that makes lights and light fixtures for households, industries and commercial settings. The company has a presence in 70+ countries, with five core and five specialty subsidiaries, and three technology brands in operation9,10. It reportedly sold 2.3bn LED lamps and luminaires in the 2015-2019 period13. LEDs achieved 46.5% penetration of the global lighting market in 2019, of which Signify continues to be the market leader with 86+mn connected light points worldwide6,8.

Signify’s products are reportedly more durable, sustainable and come with an assurance of up to 80% more energy efficiency than conventional light sources15. Multiple independent, reputed rating and reviewing platforms place Signify’s products among the best in the market11,12. There are 360+ types of units made across five lighting technologies in its Philips range alone, of which one is the EnduraLED - the winner of the prestigious US Department of Energy "L (Lighting) Prize" founded to recognise ground-breaking lighting innovation7,14.

With a large presence and a durable, sustainable and efficient product line, Signify is significantly contributing towards improved illumination and enhanced productivity worldwide.

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