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"Alcon is reaching 260 Mn people globally, 11.81% of people with vision impairment."

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7 min Read Time | June 4th 2021

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“Every year, Alcon is reaching 260 Mn people globally, 11.81% of people with vision impairment.”

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Written by: Abdul Waseem
Company: Alcon

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

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Globally, a minimum of 2.2 billion people have a distance or near vision impairment1. Among these, in at least 1 billion people, vision impairment could have been prevented1. These 1 billion persons include people with severe or moderate or distance vision impairment or blindness owing to: unaddressed refractive error 88.4 million; diabetic retinopathy 3.9 million; glaucoma 7.7 million; cataract 94 million; corneal opacities 4.2 million; trachoma 2 million1. Further, 826 million are accounted for by unaddressed presbyopia1.

The Global Eye Care Market was valued at $53.05 billion in 20203.

Alcon is a medical company involved in eye care products2. Alcon’s annual market for eye care products accounts for $25 billion, including $15 billion in vision care and $10 billion in the surgical sector3;pVii. The company’s eye care products reach 260 million people annually4;p14 (11.81% of the people with vision impairment). In addition, the company manufactures products to tackle issues including glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases, and refractive errors4.

The company is also helping underprivileged people undergoing eye surgeries and providing trainings. For example, in Senegal, West Africa, 543 eye surgeries were provided to adults and children, and 60 eye care providers participated in several ophthalmic training courses, including strabismus, glaucoma, and retina care5. From 2009 to 2019, the company’s philanthropy programs served 6 million patients globally6;p5.

Alcon is reaching millions of peoples globally with its eye care products. The company’s products are helping in alleviating eye-related problems gradually. With a significant share in the Eyecare market, the company positively impacts people suffering from eye-related problems.


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