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"Orsted provided renewable energy to around 18 million customers in 2020."

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7 min Read Time | September 9th 2021

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Written by: Soumya K

Company: Orsted

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

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"Orsted provided renewable energy to around 18 million customers in 2020."

In 2019, the primary energy consumption was 58kWh per person per day globally1. People use energy for heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration, operating computers, appliances, and machinery, watching entertainment on TV, transportation, etc2,3. Energy is used for everything in society, from shopping malls to hospitals to educational institutions3. Industrial sectors like agriculture, mining, and construction also benefit from the use of energy2. Today, access to energy has become a basic necessity.

Orsted, a Danish company, provides energy to more than 18 million (M)4;p49 customers globally by developing, constructing, operating offshore and onshore wind farms, bioenergy plants, solar farms, and energy storage facilities5. Orsted’s power generation capacity in 2020 was 8,884MW6;p11. The installed offshore wind capacity in 2020 across Denmark, the UK, the US, and Germany6;p11 was 7,600MW and onshore wind capacity was 1,700MW in 20207;p20. The offshore energy generation was 15.2TWh and the onshore energy generation was 5.7TWh7;p20.

Globally, Orsted has a market share of 30% in offshore wind energy generation5 and is the largest renewable energy company in the world8. With continued investments in renewable energy since 2006, Orsted’s renewable energy percentage grew from 17% in 2006 to 90% in 20209. Orsted’s offshore wind energy investments proved that in just six years, its newly built offshore wind energy became cheaper than dirty energy10;p4-5.

Orsted’s drastic increase and higher percentage share of renewable energy is a successful case study to prove that companies can produce clean and cheaper energy without compromising one another. Orsted provides a major boost to the renewable energy sector and is also providing clean and cheaper energy solutions to millions globally, thus, creating a positive impact.

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