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"With its educational services, Benesse is improving the lives of millions of people worldwide."

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7 min Read Time | December 17th 2021

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How does the company Benesse impact SDG4 Quality Education?

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Written by: Feyisayo Favour Popoola

Company: Benesse

SDG 4: Quality Education

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"With its educational services, Benesse is improving the lives of millions of people worldwide."

Education allows people to develop new skills, broaden their minds, and achieve sustainable careers while helping them discover and chase their passions2. It also increases social equality and economic prosperity in society2. Education allows people to build knowledge, values, and understanding, thus paving the path for innovations1. Education is a necessary tool used to combat poverty and crime, which leads to improved health, employability, income, and social networks2,3.

Benesse is a Japan-based company that offers educational services through its correspondence education and publishing4. It operates through three major segments: education, nursing care, and Berlitz business5;p2,23. It had net sales of US$3.7 billion in FY2020 of which ~48% was from its Japanese education segment6,5;p12,23. Benesse organizes mock university exams, correspondence courses, language classes, informational magazines and daycare, and elderly center operations5;p8.

Its education segment operates in elementary, junior high, high schools, and other extracurricular educational activities5;p24. It offers educational services through its digital education service reaching over 2 million students and 12,400 schools in 20205;p25,26. In 2020, Benesse provided tablet computer software to ~3 million students in 7,000 schools5;p26. As of 2021, ~110,000 students were enrolled in its prep school5;p26.

Its Berlitz business is one of the largest language education companies globally, it provides language education to its enrollees; with 357 language centers across 70 countries, it allows intercultural exchanges and an immersion language learning experience5;p23,24. It also offers online language classes as well as practical conversation classes5;p35. Its "Berlitz flex" provides digital learning through the use of artificial intelligence(AI) and voice recognition5;p35.

Through its various educational services, Benesse is improving the lives of millions of people worldwide.

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