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"Zara’s fast-fashion model induces a dissatisfaction ("see now-buy now") behavior to ~11M consumers."

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7 min Read Time | November 26th 2021

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Will you be shopping this black Friday? Evidence shows Zara induces 'see-now buy-now behavior' in millions.

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Written by: Olu Omo

Company: Inditex

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

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"Zara’s fast-fashion model induces a dissatisfaction (‘’see now-buy now’’) behavior to ~11M consumers."

In 2019, the fast fashion market reached $35.8 Bn1. Fast fashion is the large production of cheap clothing to keep up with changing trends and styles, thus increasing consumers' demands and encouraging overconsumption2. A decade ago, there were 20 new trends each year, but this has now risen to around 52 trends per week2. Every three weeks, new fashion collections are offered to consumers4;p3. These new collections have changed consumers' fashion consumption habits and fuel dissatisfaction among consumers ("see now-buy now" behavior)4;p3,6. Consumers no longer purchase what they require but what they desire2. Most times, the clothing and accessories produced by fast-fashion brands are of low quality and therefore need to be repurchased and replaced more frequently3.

Inditex, through its brands including Zara, which accounts for the highest part (69.3%) of the company's net sales8;p18 provides fashion products such as clothing, accessories, footwear, shoes to around 15.4 Mn customers7,12. The company operates about 6,829 stores in 94 countries & online stores in 216 countries, including Spain7.

Through its fast-fashion business model, Zara (10.9 Mn customers)12 enhances consumers' demand for instant availability of the latest styles9. The brand is known as the "undisputed king of fast fashion" 10. The brand releases over 20 new product collections every year, with new items arriving in stores twice a week9. On average, Zara's customers visit 17 times a year, compared to 3-4 times for its competitors10. Customers spend around EUR3,552 yearly (estimation) for shopping at Zara stores11.

Zara has fueled dissatisfaction to millions of its customers through its fast-fashion model and imposed a financial burden on them.

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