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It's Awards Season!

The Impaakt Team

6 min Read Time | September 12th 2023

Impaakt Earns Prestigious Awards for Ethical Finance Innovation

We are thrilled to share some news that underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and ethical finance. Impaakt has been honored with two prestigious awards, recognizing our pioneering work in the field of impact measurement and ethical finance.

"Leading Innovators in Ethical Finance 2023" by Acquisition International Magazine

Impaakt proudly announces its recent accolade as the recipient of the "Leading Innovators in Ethical Finance 2023" award from Acquisition International Magazine's Worldwide Finance Awards. This recognition shines a spotlight on our dedication to challenging conventional norms in ESG data and our innovative approach to impact measurement.

Our mission has always been centered on innovation. We've introduced a unique impact measurement model that redefines how businesses assess their environmental and social impacts. We believe that by focusing on the true impact, we can drive sustainable change and create a better world.

"Leading Innovators in Ethical Finance 2023 – Switzerland" by Wealth & Finance International

For the second consecutive year, Impaakt is honored to be recognized as the "Leading Innovators in Ethical Finance 2023 – Switzerland" by Wealth & Finance International. This award acknowledges our ongoing efforts to promote a sustainable, customer-centric, and environmentally friendly business landscape.

The Ethical Finance Awards were introduced by Wealth & Finance International in 2022 to honor financiers dedicated to fostering positive, sustainable results for their customers and clients. As ethical finance and investment gain momentum worldwide, these awards recognize the pioneers in the ethical finance landscape.

At Impaakt, we are proud of our achievements and grateful for the support of our outstanding team and community. Our journey continues, and we remain dedicated to reshaping impact measurement and ethical finance.

Thank you for being a part of the Impaakt community, and making a difference together!


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