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Welcome to the all-new

Faye Turner

7 min Read Time | January 7th 2020

Welcome to the all-new So what's new?

Welcome to The Impact Blog and the all-new

We’re so excited to share with you our new website, we've got heaps of new pages and features to show you.

Our goal with the redesign was to create a more user-friendly experience for new and existing members and to help us communicate our mission more clearly, through updated messaging on who we are and what we do. We hope you like it!

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On our new homepage we’ve created a series of explanatory illustrations to bring to life the core of our mission. We’ve also added some stats to help new users get to grips with who we are and clarify some of the goals we have here at Impaakt. The aim here is to help new users understand who we are, why it is important that we measure the impact of businesses, and also how they can make a difference by joining us.

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How it Works & About Us

Our 'how it works' page delves into more detail on how Impaakt works (of course) as well as outlining the different ways you can contribute to our platform. We also explain why getting involved can really make a difference.

If you click on the 'about us' section of our website, you'll get to learn more about how and why Impaakt was formed in the first place, discover the motivation and thought process behind the platform.

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Meet the Community

We couldn’t think of a better way to show new and existing users that anyone can be part of our platform, than showcasing a selection of our amazing community members. Meet some of the guys writing and rating the impact notes that form the company impact scores.

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Company Impact Scores

We created this page so we could showcase a snippet of what’s available on the Impaakt platform, get a sneak peek of what’s on offer with our selection of company profiles. View their impact scores and impact notes without even having to sign in or sign up.

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Events & our Blog

We’ve added an events page so you can stay up to date with the latest conferences we’re attending as well as our latest live training and webinars for our Impact Certifications. Now users can easily sign up to any of our training events.

We’ve created The Impact Blog to share some of our favourite topics, cover areas that we feel need exploring further and keep you up to date with the latest impact news. We’ve no doubt there will be plenty to keep you updated on in the coming months.

The Impaakt Platform

We've made some really great updates to our platform, especially regarding notifications. In a new area of your profile called 'My Preferences,' we’ve added an area where you can choose what sort of notifications you'd like to receive, for example, if your impact note gets new ratings or comments. Plus we have finally added social sharing to our impact notes and company scores, you can now share these directly to your Facebook or Linkedin feed.

Watch this space though, there is much more to come!

The Impaakt Team


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Let’s take action together

With the right investment companies having a positive impact on the planet are able to flourish. Our community forms part of that mission by measuring their impact.

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