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Quick, reactive custom impact research
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Data when you need it

Don't be restricted by what your data provider decides is important. If you have a specific company or topic you want to further investigate, Impaakt can help.

Our clients have access to our community of Analysts and Raters through structured research projects, enabling you to cover and assess the companies and topics you can't get anywhere else.

Whether you are looking for thematic research, sector research, or company research, our community can be put to the task for the data & research you need.

We provide quick, reactive research and scores of quality or the re-assessment of companies that may have scores differing from your assumptions and expectations. This unique tool can help justify certain funds (such as Article 8 and 9 Funds) and engage stakeholders.

On-Demand Research

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On-Demand Impact Research Within Reach


We provide quick, reactive research and scores of quality on companies lacking impact data.


Our community covers and assesses the importance of your chosen company's environmental and social issues.


Our community can reassess the impact of your investee company to help justify funds (Article 8 & 9 Funds).