Solution Provider Tool

Quickly identify companies providing solutions to global problems
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Which companies are providing solutions to global challenges?

With the world facing momentous environmental & social challenges, Impaakt have developed a tool to quickly identify those companies providing solutions, so you can ensure your investments are aligned to support them.

Whether it is renewable energy, product innovations or health care solutions, with the right investment, companies having a positive impact are able to flourish and do more good for people & planet.

Solution Provider Tool

Spot companies providing solutions using our simple fast tech.

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Measure the value and scale of the benefits brought by their products & services

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Use the Impaakt Universe to identify solution providers on a global scale

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View solution providers by industry or country to find detail you are most interested in

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Solution Provider Tool - Impaakt

If you would like to see our Solution Provider tool in action, get in touch with our team, better still, book a demo with the team and see our technology in action.

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