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World Mental Health Day & the impact of business.

We look at 10 Companies and their impact on our Mental Health.

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Nestlé Health Science’s nutrition products helps improve nutrition for millions of people

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 8th October

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Holcim brings innovative building solutions to construction industries in 90 countries

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 1st October

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How do we check that a sustainable investment product really keeps its promises?

Impaakt mentioned in an interview by All News with Patrick Odier.

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BASF’s technology used in over 400M cars helps drivers reduce air pollutants by ≈20.6M/year

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 24th September

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Spotlight on our longest-standing contributors

Meet some of the writers that continue to produce articles for Impaakt.

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Siemens Healthineers' medical technology impacts 240,000+ patients worldwide per hour

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 16th September

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Orsted provided renewable energy to around 18 million customers in 2020

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 10th September

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With 7 billion monthly views, Discovery provides educational TV content

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 3rd August

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Unilever’s personal & home hygiene products reach ≈1.3bn people, improving well-being globally

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 26th August

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Facebook Advertisements provide the best ROI to 80 million small and medium-sized businesses

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 20th August

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Presently, VW is enabling convenient & comfortable mobility to at least 107M people.

Weekly Outstanding Impact Analysis 13th August

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