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"Each year, Aker's capture technology potentially prevents over 4.1MtCO2 from entering the atmosphere."

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7 min Read Time | January 21st 2022

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Learn how Aker's carbon capture technology is reducing CO2 emissions.

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Written by: Olu Omo

Company: Aker Carbon Capture
SDG 13: Climate Action

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Each year, Aker's capture technology potentially prevents over 4.1MtCO2 from entering the atmosphere

Globally, about 34.81 billion (Bn) tonnes (t) of CO2 emissions were released into the environment in 20204. Climate change is one of the biggest environmental problems that occur worldwide1. About 800 million (M) people are presently in danger due to climate impacts such as droughts, floods, heatwaves, and extreme weather change2. One way to reduce global CO2 emissions is the use of carbon capture technology3. In 2021, the global Carbon capture and storage (CCS) market reached USD4.9 Bn5. CCS is a way of capturing and storing CO2 before it gets emitted into the atmosphere6. This process can collect around 90% of the CO2 generated by burning fossil fuels in power generation and industrial activities like cement production6. In addition, the global CCS technology has a capacity of capturing 40Mt every year3.

Aker Carbon Capture provides carbon capture technology and downstream processing & management of CO2, including capture, compression, liquefaction, & intermediate storage7;p8. The company's technology & solutions remove CO2 emissions from the cement industry, bio-energy plants, gas-fired power plants, and hydrogen production, majorly in Scandinavia, Benelux, and the UK7;p3-4.

Aker did not disclose the total weight of the CO2 it has captured and stored7,8; however, its primary key completed projects have a capture and storage capacity of 4.1M tonnes per year8, representing 10.25% of global CCS technology capacity3. Also, this emission capacity is equivalent to emissions from 546,667 Norwegians in a year (7.5t per person)9. Aker's ongoing key project, expected to be completed in 2024, can deliver 500,000 tonnes of CO2 per year8. Among its completed key projects, there is a hydrogen production unit at Preem refinery, Enel coal power plant8.

Aker's capture technology saves a significant amount of CO2 and prevents it from entering the atmosphere, minimizing climate change.

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