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"Cooper Companies unit CooperVision offers contact lenses that help children with myopia see better."

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7 min Read Time | January 14th 2022

Learn how CooperVision are improving children's eyesight with their innovative products.

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Written by: Bhakti Ullal

Company: Cooper Companies
SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

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"Cooper Companies unit CooperVision offers contact lenses that help children with myopia see better."

WHO estimates at least 2.2 billion (Bn) people globally suffer near or distance vision impairment and, around 1 Bn can be prevented1. Vision impairment can lower productivity and increase the risk of injury and social isolation1. Children with early vision impairment can experience delayed development with life-long consequences1. People with uncorrected refractive errors can benefit from spectacles or contact lenses2.

Cooper Companies (CC) is a medical device company offering products and services through 2 units; CooperVision (CV) addresses vision care, and CooperSurgical, focuses on women’s health4;p4. 43.5 million (Mn) people in 130 countries benefitted from CC products in 20204;p5.

CV provides different types of lenses for common vision correction and complex problems5;p7 and offers disposable and reusable lenses5;p8. Though the number of units sold is not disclosed, CV makes over a billion contact lenses every year7.

Myopia (near-sightedness) is projected to affect 5 Bn people by 2050, and its progression is linked to sight-threatening conditions, early intervention results in better outcomes9. CV’s MiSight 1 day (MiSight) is the only FDA approved daily disposable lens clinically proven to slow myopia progression by 59% against a single vision lens in children ages 8-1210. 1 in 4 children’s eyes originally fit with MiSight remained stable for myopia after a 6-year study9. It also reduces the risk of myopia-related vision complications later in life by 52%8. Nearly 1,000 children in the US have been fit with MiSight since its launch in 202010. It is offered in 31 countries4;p31and thousands of children with myopia successfully wear it.

As a 1 day soft lens, MiSight gives low infection rates and high comfort6. However, it offers a limited range of prescriptions (maximum -6.00 of myopia), and its standard shape and size may not correctly fit all users6.

With their innovative products, Cooper Companies improves eyesight for thousands.

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