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"With 7 billion monthly views, Discovery provides educational TV content."

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7 min Read Time | September 3rd 2021

WOW Graphics Discovery channel

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Written by: Claudia Muciño

Company: Discovery

SDG 4: Quality Education

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"With 7 billion monthly views, Discovery provides educational TV content."

Over half of the world watches TV today, reaching 1.65 billion (Bn) households globally3. Only in the US, 45% of adults get their news from TV10 and television has a long-standing tradition in education, offering distance services in hard-to-reach places3. TV programs can be used as an educational tool, are a source of news allowing us to stay informed, provide a cheap escape instead of traveling, connect us with others and make us feel less lonely, serve as a family bonding (over a family show), and help with mental health and stress relief as it makes us laugh and provides a distraction1. With its broad reach, TV amplifies its benefits to millions of homes worldwide3.

Discovery is a broadcasting company that owns 21 channels with content of adventure, travel, home, food, lifestyle, sports, mysteries, empowering stories, animals, science, and local entertainment for all ages7. It earned $10Bn in 20206 by broadcasting in 220 countries and 50 languages8. Its main channels have nearly 7 Bn monthly video views worldwide7 reaching 49Mn individuals2. The Discovery Channel is the 2nd most widely distributed cable channel in the US, and its importance resides in creating high-quality non-fictional content full of science, technology, nature, and history4.

Discovery Channel Impact on Education

In 2017, the company acquired Scripps to launch its streaming service5; currently, the platform offers a library of 300,000 hrs of content and 8,000 hrs of original programming from its 21 channels7; since January 2021, the platform content can be seen in portable devices across 25 countries, adding that to the 220 countries that Discovery broadcasts directly9.

TV helps us to be informed, entertained, educated, feel less lonely, and understand others. Discovery has a wide range of broadcasts with 21 channels and a streaming platform, reaching 49Mn viewers in 220 countries and 50 languages, entertaining and educating them simultaneously.

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