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"Millicom addresses digital divide by providing digital literacy to millions of kids in Latin America."

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7 min Read Time | June 10th 2021

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Written by: Prachi Maulingker

Company: Millicom

SDG 4: Quality Education

Feedback from the reviewing team:

"The digital divide is a problem that slows down progress toward SDG 4 Quality Education, in this analysis, Prachi focuses on the impact that Millicom are having on this goal through their digital learning initiatives, a great piece."

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“Millicom addresses digital divide by providing digital literacy to millions of kids in Latin America.”

Around 1.3 Bn kids aged 3-17 lack internet access at home, keeping them away from the vital digital skills required in the 21st century economy1. Globally, over 463 Mn students do not have access to digital learning2. The digital gap puts education out of reach for millions of underserved kids worldwide, further widening the inequalities persisting in the communities3.

Millicom, a leading cable & mobile service provider in emerging markets, specifically in Latin America4, strives to develop communities by promoting digital literacy5.

Millicom’s Connecting Communities (CC) program aims at strengthening communities by providing quality digital education to kids via digital learning centers called telecenters that provide training on IT and programming skills6;p10.

The Conectate Segur (CS) program aims to protect children's rights by educating kids and teachers on the safe use of the internet and the benefits of digital skills6;p9. Additionally, Maestr@s Conectad@s program (MC) provides free training to teachers on digital tools, which would later train children5.

The CS program has reached over 480,000 children through in-person workshops since 20167. In El Salvador, CS reached 700 teachers, 2,200 parents and 9,000 students since 20196;p9. Likewise, in Bolivia, the program has trained 77,600 children and adolescents since 20196;p9. CS also partners with UNICEF since 2012 to promote digital learning in Latin America8. In 2020, 12.6 Mn people, including 2.6Mn children, benefited from its partnership that ensured continuous learning via digital tools in 9 Latin American nations affected by the COVID-19 lockdown8.

There are 156 telecenters installed in Paraguay as of 2020, with 20,500 students and 2,000 teachers having access to them as an educational tool6;p10. Also, the MC program trained 109,000 teachers in Bolivia in 20206;p9.

Millicom promotes digital learning through its various programs, which have benefited millions of children, thus addressing the digital divide.


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