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"The role of banks and the financial sector will be to accelerate the movement towards a sustainable economy."

Faye Turner

7 min Read Time | October 10th 2019

This week Impaakt was mentioned in an interview with Patrick Odier, managing partner of independent Swiss banking group Lombard Odier in an interview hosted by Nicolette de Joncaire for All News.ch.

The interview took place at the Building Brides Summit, an event that Patrick Odier is the president of. The event brings together players that share a common vision of accelerating the transition to a global economic model aligned with the needs of the Sustainble Development Goals and making the financial industry a catalyst for this change.

When asked how certain stakeholders in this market would cooperate he stipulated that:

“As for the role of banks and the financial sector, it will be to accelerate the movement towards a sustainable economy by means of a good allocation of capital and to professionalize the process of sustainable investment.”

This is something heavily ingrained in the mission and goals of us here at Impaakt, using the financial industry to ensure we achieve the SDGs. In fact, the financial industry plays a vitol role, ensuring investment is targeted at companies that impact the planet and society positively.

“Sustainable investing can therefore play an important role in aligning the interests of the financial sector with those of society in general.”

Extract from Allnews.ch. Photo by François Wavre

When asked about measuring the impact of businesses and investments, the interviewer pointed to how difficult measuring impact can be:

Measure the impact. Isn't that quite difficult in the end?

“Of course, but ESG must be applied with a notion of materiality. It is fundamental to measure the impact, to know its relative importance, otherwise the concept of sustainable finance loses all meaning. Innovative initiatives such as the Swiss collaborative platform Impaakt, which enables a better understanding of the impact of large listed companies, take on a very important complementary dimension.”

We are very thankful to have been mentioned in the interview as a provider that is leading the way, we believe measuring the impact is exactly that – the only way to demonstrate real meaning to sustainable financing. This is why at Impaakt we look beyond traditional ESG reporting methods and offer a complimentary impact measurement product that investors and asset managers can utilise to see the core impact of a business and the impact of their existing portfolios. With this impact data they can make choices that drive forward a sustainable future.

You can read the full interview here: https://www.allnews.ch/content...

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