Golden Rule #9: Grammar and style matter Learn some helpful tips to ensure your text is grammatically spot on.

The Impaakt Team

5 min Read Time | August 10th 2021

Key Takeaways


All analyses need to flow smoothly, contain correct English grammar and be typo-free.


Free online tools such as DeepL and Grammarly can help you correct these mistakes, although you must always proof-read your analyses before submitting them.


Analyses that contain too many grammatical errors and typos will be rejected.

“The ninth golden rule states that analyses should be written with style and in English with no typos or grammatical errors.”

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What you must do

  • Write your analysis in either British English or American English.

  • Carefully proofread your analysis before you submit it. Use a spell-check tool to identify potential typos and mistakes. Grammarly, among others, is a free online tool that offers grammar and spelling checks.

  • Keep your sentences short, clear and concise. Make sure your readers can follow you without effort.

  • Make sure you always use the right words. Do not hesitate to check definitions in a dictionary if unsure.

  • If you are not fluent in English, we suggest that you write your text in your native language first, and then use a free online translation tool such as Deepl to get the English version.

Attention: poorly written analyses will not be corrected by our Reviewers; they will be immediately rejected.


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