Dynamic Materiality Assessment

Meaningful dynamic, collective double materiality
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Meaningful materiality

Looking to collective intelligence and civil society, we decipher and compare the materiality of different impacts, guiding financial and non-financial players to make a positive difference.

Our unique approach to dynamic and collective materiality allows us to focus both on products and processes while identifying and prioritizing the most significant environmental and social impacts.

Determining the materiality of each issue is a complex and subjective task. Our community of impact assessors plays a central role in defining the material issues, through their ratings and interpretation of our many impact analyses.

The result? A complete picture of the most relevant and meaningful impact topics for a company or industry.

Dynamic Material Assessment

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Impact Research Changing the Market


We go beyond assessing revenue to gauge the importance and impact of a topic.


Our community assesses the importance of a company's environmental and social actions and prioritizes the most meaningful issues.


Focusing on double materiality, we evaluate the impact on both products and processes.