Framework Mapping

Insight into the approach & frameworks we use for measuring impact

Impaakt uses multiple frameworks and taxonomies, supporting financial and non-financial players when it comes to reporting to, and engaging stakeholders on critical environmental and social issues.

While the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals do serve as part of our framework- they are not the entire picture.

Measuring current impact is inherently complex and multifaceted. Impaakt has implemented new, diverse frameworks that simultaneously provide multi-dimensional classifications and assess impact through different lenses.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations)

At Impaakt, we use the SDGs as an analytical framework to help our contributors structure their work. Our clients are then able to compare the impact of different companies according to these globally recognized goals. 

Learn more about the impact of companies on the SDGs. 

Impact Categories - Built by Impaakt

We know our clients need to see where a company's impact is occurring. This is why Impaakt built its categories to summarize where the environmental or social impact happens along the value chain. This classification is part of our mission to look beyond ESG. For each company assessment, the different topics have been classified under these three categories: 


The impact described is related to the company's sector of activities, i.e., WHAT they sell. The impact is generated while using their products & services, not when they are manufactured/produced. 


The impact described is related to the company's operations, i.e., HOW they run their business.

Taxes & Philanthropy:

The impact described is related to the company's contribution to TAXES & philanthropic initiatives.

Investment Leaders Group Themes

By also using the ILG Themes to classify our data, our clients are able to compare data across multiple platforms at once. 

This framework allows us to:

  1. Get the social and environmental score of a company
  2. Give the capacity for our clients to view a company's impact based on the ILG themes

The purpose of the framework is to use the SDGs as a reference point, but with six broader themes that are: 


  • Basic Needs

  • Well-being

  • Decent Work


  • Resource security

  • Healthy Ecosystems

  • Climate stability