Impact Data Feed

Integrate our impact data directly into your existing workflows
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An Intelligent Data Feed beyond ESG

Our data feed delivers you a full extract of the Impaakt Platform into the hands of your data team or ready to integrate into your own data management platforms and workflows.

High-quality plug-and-play data for users wanting pure impact data.

Learn more about our data types here.

Impact Data Feed Features

Weekly report landing into your inbox, no extraction work required


Fully customisable report in CSV or Excel format


Easily integrate the data into proprietary systems or Bloomberg


What sets our Data Feed apart?


Impaakt's data feed delivers the most granular, quality, reliable data, that is comparable, transparent and rigorously vetted. A combination of AI & Collective Intelligence gives the perfect data outcomes.


Set your data feed to come as often as you like it - with live impact scores and data points being added every minute of the day, you'll have the most timely impact data available on the market today.


Whether you need multiple data points, company, topic or industry-specific data, we have a package that fits you with our fully customizable services.