Priority Companies

How we are developing optimum coverage

You may have reached this article via our webinar, emailers or even from our platform directly. This article explains:

a. How to ensure you are writing about companies that need coverage (and that are valid for certification and rewards)

b. How our Topic Selector does a lot of the work for you.

Thanks to the Topic Selector, you won't need to take into consideration which companies to write about first, as all the companies you find in the Topic Selector are companies that need coverage - priority companies. But that also means you might want to write something about a company you can’t see here, this either means we do not need any further coverage of that company, or that we will come to add it at a later date.

Here is what you must do to find and book a topic and company to write about:

1. Read this short guide on how to use the Topic Selector

2. Go on Topics to browse available topics, and reserve the one that interests you most

If you need more guidance on how to get started, you should definitely follow the 9 basic steps to get started!

How we select companies for the Topic Selector

Our mission is to measure the impact of all companies. To start with, we have decided to tackle the largest public companies first, in terms of their market share; this is why you see a lot of North American and European companies offered - this is also because these companies have the largest impact on the planet and society right now. As our coverage progresses and these companies’ impacts are fully covered, we will add new companies from all over the world.

Why do I only see companies with 3 to 9 analyses?

We are prioritising our efforts on companies that already have some coverage to ensure they are fully covered before newer companies are offered to our analysts to write about.

New companies are added to the Topic Selector every week.

Our coverage in numbers

349 companies with 1-3 analyses
792 companies with 4-9 analyses
354 companies with 10+ analyses
56 companies with 20+ analyses
38 countries covered

The Topic Selector is our way of making your life easier by helping you cherry-pick topics and companies of interest. Each week we will continue to add companies and topics to it to gradually and efficiently expand our coverage in order to maintain robust impact scores.

If you have any questions about Priority Companies or the Topic Selector, feel free to get in touch with the team at

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