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"Cognizant's SIP, a SaaS-based clinical ecosystem, helps expedite clinical trials in health care."

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7 min Read Time | December 24th 2021

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How has health and technology created an effective partnership to speed up healthcare solutions?

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Written by: Susmita Sen

Company: Cognizant Technology Solution

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

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"Cognizant's SIP, a SaaS-based clinical ecosystem, helps expedite clinical trials in health care."

The fact that real-world data is frequently unstructured and difficult to transfer to clinical trials is a major issue among clinical researchers, regulators, and healthcare providers alike1. Until recently, there was no standard workflow for clinical researches in the healthcare sector2. In the absence of standardization of processes and workforce training modules, clinical trials continued to suffer from inconsistent research conduct quality2.

Cognizant provides IT consulting and business process outsourcing services to various sectors, including healthcare3. As part of Cognizant's Life Sciences business, the Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) is an open SaaS-based clinical ecosystem that supports 157,000 (K) users with a novel ecosystem for expediting clinical trials4,8

Roche Diagnostics is a company that creates diagnostic solutions in the healthcare industry in more than 100 countries5. In 2020, to tackle issues like lack of standardization, complexity, and inconsistency in clinical trial feasibility research, Roche approached Cognizant6;p1. Using Cognizant's SIP platform over 15 months helped Roche Diagnostics to reduce the average feasibility questionnaire completion time by 36%, from 11 to seven days6;p2. Roche set a record of lowering average report completion times to four days6;p2. As additional internal teams are onboarded to Cognizant's SIP and effectively use it to move various clinical trial procedures forward, Roche anticipates further efficiency gains6;p3.

By creating common workflows and documents for clinical trials and feasibility studies, Cognizant's SIP makes it possible for new therapies to hit markets faster4. As of 2021, Cognizant's SIP has generated 398K common documents, enabling the exchange of 4.1M documents for 19K site users across 26K healthcare facilities and departments7.

Cognizant's AI-powered SIP technology breakthroughs help healthcare organizations collaborate remotely to develop healthcare solutions faster.

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