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8 min Read Time | January 11th 2023

Impaakt Slack Community Guidelines

The Impaakt Rater Collective and Impaakt Analyst Collective are Slack communities set up by Impaakt. They consist of thousands of members from all parts of the world, collectively contributing to Impaakt's mission of reinventing how the world measures how sustainable companies are, enabling the impact economy and making companies accountable for their impact on the planet and society.

Diversity and inclusion make our community strong. We encourage the participation of members from varied and diverse backgrounds.

Our Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines are as follows:

Be kind and respect other community members and the Impaakt team.
The Impaakt Collectives are built on collaboration, sharing and mutual respect. Welcome your peers and be an advocate for each other by applauding others' achievements. Please respond thoughtfully to questions and respect boundaries.

There's a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.
This includes but is not limited to behaviour that may be considered sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory or offensive. Harassment also includes sending unwarranted direct messages to community members and the Impaakt team. Members who engage in harassment will be removed from the community.

Do not engage in spammy behaviour.
Please refrain from excessive self-promotion, asking the same question repeatedly as separate posts on different channels, or sharing unknown links to unknown places that are not directly relevant to the Impaakt mission. Members who engage in spamming the Slack Collective will be removed.

Be open to feedback.
Collaboration naturally invites feedback to the discussion. When giving feedback, be constructive, not destructive. Similarly, be open to receiving feedback.

Impaakt encourages members of the Impaakt Collectives to exchange ideas, debate topics of interest, and network. Please maintain a civil, professional tone and be respectful of fellow members. Obscenities, personal attacks, slurs, and inappropriate communications are not allowed. Impaakt reserves the right to remove members and members' messages from the Collectives at any time for any reason, with or without notice, for violating these guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Find out how you can join the Impaakt Rater Collective: /blog/i...

Community Guidelines Impaakt

Platform Username Policy

Your username is an optional nickname that identifies your Impaakt account and is attached to all of your contributions on

You specify your username when creating an account and subsequently use it (together with your password) to log in to your account.

When creating a username, take into account:
  • It can be your real name if you so choose, but you should be aware that there could be potential risk outside of Impaakt’s platform.

  • The software will not allow you to register with a username that is already in use.

  • There is no requirement that usernames be in English. Contributors are welcome to use usernames that are not spelt using the Latin alphabet.

  • Your username can be virtually any string of characters (letters and numbers). However, it should be a name that other users will be comfortable with.

Inappropriate username includes usernames that are:


  • Usernames that impersonate other people.

  • Usernames that give the impression that the account has permissions which it does not have; e.g. by containing the terms "administrator", "reviewer", "moderator". etc.

  • Usernames including words such as "impaakt", "impaakter", "impaakting", or similar if they give the incorrect impression that the account may be officially affiliated with Impaakt.


  • Usernames that are likely to offend other contributors; e.g. by containing profanities or referencing controversies or controversial individuals.

  • Usernames that contain or imply personal attacks.

  • Usernames that seem intended to provoke an emotional reaction ("trolling").


  • Usernames that represent the name of a company, group, institution or product.

  • Email addresses and URLs that promote a commercial web page and don't simply identify a person.


  • Some usernames appear problematic without fitting clearly into any of the above categories. This is often the case with confusing or extremely lengthy usernames, which are highly discouraged.

Changing your username

You can change your username by going to your Profile, under “My Settings”.


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